Renee has coached clients who face a wide range of ADHD challenges. She has developed special expertise in and/or given educational talks on the following topics:

  • Changing Careers with ADHD
  • Emotional Regulation / Dysregulation with ADHD
  • Executive Functions within ADHD
  • Finishing Things / Getting Distracted with ADHD
  • Food Sensitivities and ADHD
  • Friendship Skills with ADHD
  • Getting Started / Procrastination with ADHD
  • Grief Following Adult Diagnosis of ADHD
  • Managing Household Chores with ADHD
  • Rejection Sensitivity with ADHD and Rejection Sensitivity Disorder
  • Self Worth and Shame and ADHD
  • Sleep Hygiene with ADHD
  • Surviving Divorce and the End of Long-Term Relationships with ADHD
  • Tackling Paper Clutter with ADHD
  • Teaching with ADHD
  • Time Awareness / Time Management / Chronic Lateness with ADHD
  • Verbal Processing and ADHD
Renee's Past Presentations